Monday, April 4, 2011

Words fail to capture.... thank you!

Today, the mailman assaulted my front porch (a first, since the majority of this winter there have been 3 feet of snow blocking access).  It was completely unexpected, and I figured it was computer parts or something similar for the spousal unit.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a big box:

And it was addressed to me! 

I was caught totally flat footed, but decided to open it and see what was within.

On top was a back issue of Vogue Knitting that I didn't have yet.  And under that.... well take a look!

And the box seemed like Fibber McGee's closet of Mayhem... only pretty and yarn-like!  The more things that came out of the box, the more I found in it.  I suspect some kind of Non-Euclidean Geometry went into packing this box because it contained so much pure awesome it should have taken 2 boxes!

So, first let me show you how the yarn-y (and related) goodness ended up tumbling out:

I did take a shot of each yarn individually, but loved the composite shot best.
Ok, from the back to the front, left to right:
Vogue Knitting Winter 2004/2005, VK Spring/Summer 2006, and VK Fall 2004.
Blue Heron Yarns Rayon/Metallic (500 yds) in Sunrise, Jasmine 100% Silk (!!) color 7025, 8 oz of gorgeous Cream cotton/rayon from Robin and Russ Handweavers, a beautiful blue/purple wool/acrylic/polyamide by Niagara, a pretty spring pastel by Crystal Palace Yarns (Musique, acrylic/wool/cotton), and a fun beachy-Summery ball of Poppy by Tahki Yarns. 
In the very front is a flat of Vanilla block pillar candles (one of which I have lit as I type).

I am filled with awe, gratitude and glee.  This is like getting a box of pure fun, and I'm just fondling these and day-dreaming.  But I have to admit, you haven't seen everything yet.  I haven't shown you what was hiding in the pink paper under the card.


This picture isn't as clear as I would wish, the hat has a really sweetly purl'd heart shape.  They are gorgeous and I actually cried happy tears when I opened the package. <3

I love them.

As a matter of fact, I love them so much, the first thing I did was... well, this:
yep, I still photograph badly ;-)

And then my husband caught me chortling around the house and captured this:

He actually caught me running around the downstairs and booty-dancing about in them.

I might be typing this out while ninja-ing.  The scarf/cowl is a long loop with no detectable seaming.  It's awesome as a long loopy cowl, and it loops perfectly 2 times around my neck.  Suddenly, I'm really stoked that we're getting freezing rain!

The person who sent this to me is just amazing.  They have a special eye for the world around them, and use their knitting powers for good on a regular basis.  I am very grateful to the Internet for introducing us, and am honored to have such a 'knit buddy.'  I don't know if they wish to be identified, but if they don't mind I will update with a more direct thank you to this post.

And, really?  Thank you.  So very, very much.

This made my month!

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