Friday, June 3, 2011

Fiber Festival Friday returns!

ETA:  this giveaway is now closed, but we have a new one up.  Also all folks who entered into this giveaway are being entered into the "I'm sorry my job is evil" giveaway as well.

This week has been insane to put it lightly.  I did get a little knitting in a park in Boston, but it's been yarn-light around here for far too long.

So first things first, our winners from last week's blog post.  Same short-guy generated winners,

First up we have Greywolfie, who posted:

Hi, the yarns are so pretty..!
I've not tried anything other then DK if I were to choose I'll go for the lace weight..

Next up, is lorraine, who said:
id have to say lace right into making shawls and i love the yardage on some of these hanks..thanks so much fot the giveaway! 

And last, but not least, we have craftink who said:

I like both sport weight and lace. Oh you can never choose with yarn! evrey single skein is just adorable with unlimited potential!

Little man pulled, and we've matched up the yarns with the names and emails are about to go out to the winners.  Congrats to all!!
This week, I have some goodies from a dyer whose cycles I always miss online... the colors I love best are always sold out.  And for good reason.  I found the Dirty Water Dyeworks booth and did a happy dance.  Luckily, the nice woman there didn't run away in fear.  I suspect she gets these reactions from most of the knitters who manage to hunt her down in person.

She does some beautiful work, and the color depth is just luscious.  I've photographed these skeins separately, because photographed together I couldn't capture the beauty of the yarns.

First up, we have:
360 yards of glorious blues and greens in 50/50 merino/tencel.  Drool worthy colors, soft pet-able fibers.... what's not to love??

Next up:
 Such gorgeous blue.  A generous 401 yards, AND 100% superwash BFL.  Did I mention BFL, in superwash??  It's just lovely.  I'm not a big blue fan, but this I could not leave behind.

And finally, this cutie:
75% superwash merino, 25% nylon in sexy peacock greens.  It is lovely.  And an even more generous 464 yard hank.  Sure, you could make socks with this.  But I bet you know what I'd rather make with it hehe

So, because I'm a bad blogger but a good shopper, I got enough for me and enough for the blog!  One of each of these skeins will go home to a commenter.  Just leave a comment telling me who your favorite independent dyer is, and a method to contact you, and I will be posting one winner for each of the skeins next Friday.

Previous weeks winners can always put their name back in the hat.  If I get more than 15 entries, I use otherwise little man chooses our winners.

Err, and I'll be back at home again next week, so I'll be able to blog more and have the winners up at a more reasonable time.  Congrats to all!!


  1. This is a TOUGH question.

    I think my favorite is the Soft Shell Turtle Toes base from Turtlepurl.

  2. Favorite independent dyer........hmmm.

    Sun Valley Fibers:

    The Plucky Knitter: htp://

    Sophie's Toes:

    There are others I like as well but I don't know if they count as "independent" or Briar Rose or Yarn Hollow.

  3. Hi, thank you so much for the giveaway..!!

  4. My favourite independent dyer is

    Beautiful yarns, lots of bright colours to choose from! I am GetKnitted on ravelry.

  5. I have never use an indpendent dyer before, shameful, I know but am going to look into it now. There are always the budget issues but I love some of the colors that people come up with!! They are so lovely sometimes it is hard to decide just what it will become.
    Thank you for your giveaways.You arevery generous.
    Girlieknitwit on rav

  6. have to say sanquine gryphon..very nice yarn..thanks!!

  7. I've WANTED to use an independent dyer before... just have that finances problem lol. I REALLY love that BLUE BFL!!! Wowza! I love your givaways! You find the yummiest yarn!
    alystyn on Ravelry

  8. Let's see, I have seen some reallylove indie dyer's that I liked but I cannot think of their names. I totally love Lisa Souza yarns tho....and oh boy, that blue that you are showing is something else ( and I am not a blue person at all!!!) - yummmmmm!!!!

  9. I have never bought any yarn from an indie dyer...I feel deprived :( I'd love to throw my hat back into the ring from last week.I'm also Knitsensei on Ravelry.

  10. I've got to be honest- I've never bought from an independent dyer before. It's generally a little out of my price range. I have had my eye on some skeins from Dragonfly fibers, though!

  11. Knitmish on RavelryJune 4, 2011 at 5:23 PM

    Melissa of Sweet Fiber Yarns is very talented when it comes to colour and yarn! Big bonus: she dyes her yarns less than 50 km away from where I live, so it's very local, too.

  12. I haven't really used independent dyers. This yarn is amazing!

  13. I forgot to mention that I am sch4gators on Ravelry.

  14. I don't know whether these are considered independent dyers or not. I like Light Brown Hare and Mountain Colors.

  15. Sanguine gryphon! Thanks for a great giveaway.
    LynnIL ravelry