Friday, March 4, 2011

If you haven't found this site yet

Ok, so this isn't about MY knitting.  I know most of the folks out there are more knitting blog savvy than myself, but I want to share one of my personal favorite blogs

Kristin Nichols' Getting Stitched on the Farm

Okay, so if you don't recognize the name, Kristin Nichols is a pretty amazing designer who advocates and teaches classes on the use of color.  In my head, I call it "love your color" classes and someday I hope to be able to do one of her retreats (or many, y'know how that is).  This is a direct link to Kristin's shop, she does amazing things.

But in addition to being an amazing designer and color visionary, Kristin and her family raise sheep.  A LOT of sheep. 

What is amazing about this family is that they manage a large flock in the middle of some pretty aggressive landscape.  They feed their sheep in the most natural way possible, and you can tell from Kristin's blog posts that the family loves what they do.   I also appreciate that, although she doesn't stick the sadder parts of farming in your face, Kristin does approach it in a respectful and understanding manner.  Farm work is dirty, hard, and under appreciated.  Good farmers do a service for the land, above and beyond the services that they provide to an 'end user.'  These folk are more than merely good farmers.

I know I'm probably the last person to have found her, but if you've got time on your hands and want to read about the real life, day-to-day living with sheep you have to try this blog. 

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