Friday, June 24, 2011

Final Festival Friday

Okay, so this is the last Friday I'll be posting about the NH Sheep and Wool Festival.  I really want to thank everyone who participated, it's been a lot of fun!

Let's jump right in with the winners!

The winner of the Cinder is Knittingdancer who said:
I have never been to a fiber fair. I don't think they have them in Alabama or in the south. 

I hope you find a fiber festival in your area, they're a lot of fun!

Next up for the pretty pink laceweight is Renee Anne who said:
I like yarn. I don't really care which one I get...because I like yarn. However, I am not a "pink" person, nor do I really like laceweight so maybe not the pink laceweight one...but, if it's lovely yarn, then I don't really care. I do have some pink in my stash (lovely sock yarn from Kiparoo Famrs in Middletown, MD) and I do have some laceweight from various places.

What can I say? I have a problem.....

I can completely relate.  And it's not a problem, it's a passion ;-)

And finally for that gorgeous red alpaca and silk we have girlieknitwit who said:
I would love to go to SAFF in Asheville. It is not too far away but it will have to wait until my kids are older. I will go one day though.
When the kids are out of the house I may just make a round of it and try to hit every one. Wouldn't that be awesome!!

That sounds like a plan.

Now, the random winners of independent dyer yarn (randomly pulled from the people who entered but didn't win in the previous giveaways):

For the DyeforWool yarn, we have JoyceAnna who likes DK to knit with best.

For the Woolen Rabbit yarn, we have sch4gaters who is going to love her independent dyer!

For the RandomKnitLab yarn, we have BarbaraChan who loves greens.  I'm hoping this gives you some great inspiration!

For my last giveaway post, I'm doing something a little different.  This is more about thanking all of you who participated and whose comments have brought me a bright spot in weeks filled with a lot of hard things.  I am constantly humbled by the good hearts of the knitters around me.  So thank you all so very much!

To celebrate the last post in this series, I'm giving away 3 projects with bags.  To wit:

Alice with Flamingo project bag, 100g of silk singlespun dk weight
blue prism laceweight and glorious daylily project bag
mucha inspired knitter's all-project bag, 2 skeins malabrigo laceweight
Thank you again to everyone who enters, and I hope your knitting treats you well


  1. thanks so much for your giveaways! they were tons of fun..i love your project bags..they are so fantastic..everyone that sees mine wants to steal it from me :)

  2. Hoooooooray :)

    I sent you an e-mail because, well, I'm a winner (you may want to check your spam folder, just in case).

  3. I have really enjoyed your giveaways and really like the project bags and the yarn is beautiful. It's been fun following your blog and giveaway.
    gailgodwin rav

  4. These giveaways have been the highlight of my summer (so far) These new prizes are just too awesome. Those project bags are phenomenal. You do beautiful work. Thanks to much for your generosity and the fun of this!!
    Girlieknitwit on Rav

  5. Your generosity and humor cast a bright glow. I feel so lucky to have "tumbled into" your sphere! The Alice with Flamingo project bag, 100g of silk singlespun dk weight is totally appealing because last Thanksgiving DD's boy friend's aunt and uncle gave me a fleece from one of their alpacas that they raise on their farm in Western Pennsylvania. I came back home to California committed to learning how to turn the alpaca's coat into a sweater or coat for me! So this year I'm learning to spin and I've been looking for silk to ply with the alpaca! Thank you for being such a gem!

  6. Thank you so much for organizing these giveaways..! I enjoy reading your blog & will be looking forward to seeing you come up with more new stuffs...
    Oh..all 3 project bags look nice..

  7. WOW!! Look at these yummy giveaways!! Lovely. The yarns all look so breathtaking. I love all three project bags as well! :)

    Sch4gators- Ravelry

  8. That blue laceweight and Daylily bag is beautiful. It's so nice of you to be doing giveaways like this!

    Mujercita on Ravelry

  9. This has been a great fibery summer so far and I'm happy to have found another great mommy/knitting blog to read that coincides with my latest obsession with shawls.

  10. Hooooray! I got yarn today :) And you's not nearly as pink as I was thinking.

    It's quite lovely :)