Saturday, July 9, 2011

la la la linoleum

So here we are and somehow it's not Friday.  Friday kind of got away from me there.

In between thinking evil thoughts and answering crazy questions this week, I also cast on for one of the new patterns.  With one of the yarns I'd skeined, even.  I know, that's crazy talk... but bear with me a moment:

See?  I almost managed a full repeat of the center instead of just the border....  craaaazy talk!

This picture is actually color accurate.  The above, not so much:
I just love this color, and I can't figure out why.  It's Molding Pink Grapefruit by Dye for Wool.

They do some amazing things.  Both their super saturated colors and their tints are just gorgeous, and the yarn bases they use are yummy.

But, since I can't hike 2 charts (large form for my tired eyes) into the next state and comfortably work from that, I'm taking the 2nd skeined yarn from the other day in gorgeous russet reds for a travel project.

These are the yarns shown side-by-side for comparison:
You're not seeing wrong.  The autumn reds single ply is thicker than the pale peaches 2 ply.  Both are considered lace-weight, but sometimes it's interesting to note the variation in a weight-class.  The 2 ply is not cobweb weight.  That's even wispier.  But, when you see the 2 shawls side by side, the single ply shawl will be more robust, while the 2 ply one will be more ethereal. 

To that end, I share the song that has been stuck in my head all week.  I hope your weekend lets you keep cool and knit in peace and happiness.

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