Friday, September 2, 2011

what to do when there's no electricity

Us New Englanders are hardy (see also cranky) folk.

We get sub zero temperatures with biting windchill in the winter, and we have 100+ degree Farenheit with humidity you can almost drink out of the air in the summer.

We know suffering.  One might almost say we welcome it, because really?  There are more temperate places we could live.

So, if you ever find yourself without power (again, almost a sport in New England) and you haven't sold the 100 shawls necessary to purchase one of them nifty generators.... here's a list of things you can do to keep you occupied.

1.  Play a rousing game of 'which of the trees do you think is going to kill us'
2.  Knit.
3.  Contemplate whether the roof is still water proof.
4.  Think about knitting.
5.  Board games (during which you will either knit or think about it longingly)
6.  Catch up on your reading  (possibly of knitting magazines)
7.  Be really glad that you washed the floor and the dishes before power went out.
8.  Take COLD @$$ showers.
9.  Cook camp-style on your gas range top.
10.  Catch up on sleep.
11.  Surreptitiously knit in candle light after the family falls asleep.

Well, at least you'd get a lot of knitting done!

Tomorrow I'll put up a list of what we really do to get prepared and how we actually weather the storms.  But today?  Today I'm taking a hot shower and rejoicing.

Ah yes, let me also assure people that everything has been posted.

My post office can't decide whether they love or hate me, but they haven't kicked me out yet.

In other news, the river has totally receded!  This is great!

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  1. Glad to hear that you've weathered the storm and now have power and hot water!