Monday, November 7, 2011

if I can't say anything nice

So I have been pretty much barricaded in my house, cleaning up technical nightmares generated by one of my coworkers.  Without getting too much into it, I'm sad to find out that I'm the only one capable of doing what I do.  I've been working overtime like crazy, and I don't want it.  I'd rather be able to sleep at night, and get my dishes done on occasion.

But I digress. 

I have stayed away from the blog on the few occasions I've had a few minutes because I've been so tired and feeling so emotionally ugly about the entire situation that I was afraid it would all spill out on the page.  The things we say when we're over-burdened, tired, and mad are not necessarily the things I'd want to represent me.  After all, I'm not always in that kind of state.

This week, I'm hoping to pick up the pieces where I left off.  Kind of a keep calm and cast on to steal a phrase.  I've been sadly low-knit for almost a month and I've got a real yearning to spend quality time with sticks and string.

I just didn't want folks to think I'm pushing up daisies or anything.  I have a couple of planned posts that I want to get to, and a couple of thank yous that really need to be shared.  But I'm going to wait until I've had a full night of sleep, I think.

Happy Knitting,
Weary Knitter

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  1. Sounds like a great time to negotiate a raise! Take care and rest well.