Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Revenge of the Sinuses

I often have a light 'cold' due to pollen and dander allergies.  Anyone who has more than one cat (check) and lives around green things (check) will occasionally come down with something that is uncomfortable but noncommunicable.

I am actually ill.  It's been a while since I was this ill, and it reminds me of how good I normally have it.

I won't be updating a lot, but I did want to stop by and let folks know I'm 1 not dead, 2 not knitting at the moment (don't want to transmit ick via lovingly knit garments), and 3 that I've got a surprisingly good product review to put up shortly for something I expected to feel ambivalent about.

Since I'm probably not making sense, I'll leave it there.

Stay warm, stay well, and happy knitting.


  1. Feel better soon! Hopefully the cats will give you nice cuddles while you're sick and make you feel better. (Although who am I kidding? If they're anything like my kitty, they'll wake you up at 6 am for food, interrupting your much-needed sleep...)

  2. At least you aren't contagious, so you can some healing hugs from your handsome fellas. Hope you're feeling better in time for the long weekend.