Monday, March 5, 2012

post-vacation wrap

I was fortunate enough to be granted vacation time before going live taking new cases from new folks on my new product.  Given all of that, when I was allowed out of the office I refused to step foot near my computer.... possibly not my best choice, but definitely helpful.  I have almost bitten through my night-time mouth guard, which tells me that my stress levels are not great.

The last 10 days have been a combination of really fantastic results, and really horrible screw ups (mostly not mine, for a change).

The highlights then:
got to teach my shawl students the fine art of blocking.  They were rightfully happy and proud of their work.

have filled 1/2 of a notebook with sketches of different ideas that have been floating around my head.  I might even get to knitting some of them sometime.

finished a dk-weight pattern in the aran weight yarn we had.  It even looks well done.

got to spend some time with my parents

got to replace the terrible kitchen cart that crushes our bread every time we try for silverware (this one is a big improvement)

I know I still need to write up my review of 1.  the bamboo clicks needle set, and 2. gloves in a bottle.

I also need to find my camera to illustrate what happens to the needles I use.  I don't step on them, or drop them in standing water, or anything like that.  But I end up going through my circulars at a rate of about every 4-6 projects, and I have a spectacular example of what happens to the needles and why I am constantly replacing them.

To be fair, some of them do last longer.  I've just found that they wear out around the 6 week mark if I use them every day.

Anyway, sorry for disappearing.  I've got a bunch of things I'm trying to juggle into place, all of which are exciting... but I do need to focus on one or two instead of urging all of them to the finish line to get them done. :)

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  1. Hi Leah - Aunty Chris wants to get in touch with you. She has a prospective buyer for multiple shawls from you. Can you send me your email or other way she can contact you? I hope you and your family are well. I continue to enjoy and love the shawls you made for Phill and I.