Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today, my mother asked me to work on a masculine shawl for my father.  I'm all about it, as the idea of wearable man-lace tickles me.  Plus, he shouldn't be wandering the house wrapped in a giant comforter when all he wants is a little extra warm for his shoulders.

My dad is incredibly adventursome in his clothing colors compared to most men.  He looks good in pink and knows it, and therefore wears it.  On purpose even.  But he does have some strange ideas about what is and is not appropriate for outerwear colors.  Shirts + pink= good.  Hats + red = iffy.

He will also wear almost anything I  knit for him because he loves me.  For instance, he wears a god-awful hat that I knit for him.  It's enormous.  I'd get into lying, lying test swatches... but I think we all know that sometimes you get gague and guage still gets you (in the butt).

So the trick here will be to find a pattern that he will wear because he likes it (instead of because he likes me), and a color that is approved for outerwear. 

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  I'm open to it!

Later today, I will have an update on the giant pink thing of doom and the stole that has finished blocking.


  1. This Is a conundrum! I'm pondering - I never thought of this... if it were a wide rectangle in something like the brown berroco alpaca lace with simple straight line lace I could see a man in that....:)

  2. Hmm, I'll have to come pick up a few skeins and play around. I've got my stitch dictionaries out, and have been combing through them. It's kind of like a kids book I used to read to my oldest son. My husband looks over my shoulder and says things like "too beady, too bumpy, to wrinkly, too lumpy, to twisty, too twirly, to leafy, too girly" Eventually we'll come across a match. :)

  3. If he'll wear pink, but not red and you want to stay in that color family, how about maroon???