Thursday, October 13, 2011

new things to love

Okay, last night after seeing the hat and cowl I've made from the white alpaca Destiny's Farm yarn that I purchased on Oct 1 from the Spotted Sheep... shorty decreed that they are good, but "I also touched a brown one Mom."

Lucky for both of us, the new LYS is really really local!

So, to appease shorty (and lets be honest, to amuse myself) I headed down during my lunch break.  I have permission from Margaret to bring my camera next time & review the shop!  Plus an invitation for Wednesday Knit Night!

I'm excited, and am looking forward to both.  And feeling guilty that the blog is hungry.  Since the LYS is really really local, I will probably sneak down on Saturday (yep, still oncall) to take pictures both at the shop & of the Alpaca Visitors.  If you're in the area, check it out.

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