Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spotted Sheep Review

I'm recovering from being oncall, and it's slow going.  Something about having to be awake during the day and being unable to sleep at night in anticipation of a night filled with increasingly anxious sites.  On the worst night I've ever had, I had 6 sites down at once... so you can tell what trauma inspired my sleeplessness.

But despite all that, I did manage to sneak out and get some pictures to show and tell with.  I took both of my boys to the Spotted Sheep Yarn Shoppe, both to pick up some sweater stuff and to see the visiting alpacas.  I'll have another post about the alpacas to come, but this one is about the local yarn shop.

The Spotted Sheep is located in a cute little building that has had several purposes in the time I've lived here.

The building itself is quaint, and sort of victorian inspired meets modern amenities. 

Inside, there are (as to be expected) yarns of all colors and weights.  The walls are a spring green, which is very different from any shop I've ever been in.  However, the pictures should illustrate how surprisingly neutral the color is, and how well it showcases the neutral colors that usually blend into the background.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

These photos are all from the downstairs area, but does not include the sitting and internet area.  The downstairs portion of the shop also has a lovely connection space for internet knitting searches and visiting folks (like shorties or non-knitters who were dragged along for the fun).

The upstairs space is finished up, but still being organized.  I got to peek and am very excited.  There is a mini kitchen upstairs, and a really beautiful classroom space with long tables, sturdy chairs and a sizeable couch.  Margaret was speaking about her spinning wheel, and getting stock organized upstairs... and how much work is going on in the background to get things ready for the Grand Opening on Nov 5. 

Frankly, every time I go in there are improvements and more fun things to experience.  The yarns are beautiful.  Margaret and Bruce love alpaca as much as I do, and running through the store with your eyes closed will show you exactly how much!  The yarns are a tactile delight.

I'm really looking forward to see this shop grow and refine.  What they have already is fantastic, and I only see great things in their future!


  1. Great pictures, it looks like a gorgeous store. I love the baskets of yarn :)

  2. Looks like a very nice shop. The spring green walls are a perfect background for any of the colors against them. I am surprised, too.

  3. What a pleasant shop, the green creates a homey feeling. Looks like a fairly sizable and uncrowded place as well. I guess SF real estate is just too pricey, so our shops always seem cramped, with every bit of wall space devoted to ceiling high shelves.

  4. We love your review!!! Thank you so much and we can't wait to have you join us for Wednesday night knitting club!

    Margaret & Bruce

  5. This is an amazing feature & I love your photos! I'm so glad there's a yarn shop in our town & can't wait to see your blocked shawl.