Monday, February 14, 2011

Strawberry yarn-bons

So, I spent this weekend resting.  No real progress to report, so instead on this most red and pink day of the year... I think I'll share my last indulgence. 

mmm wooly bonbons
I know, I do feel a bit evil putting them up since I really don't have enough for the entire class this time.  But, but, you can always invest in your own bonbons!  These ladies run a classy affair.  Their colorways are humorously named and they positively glow.  These are kind of my last yarn hurrah for a little while.  But I can't complain, you've seen my stash.

I did have another pink and red combo that I wanted to upload pictures of but somebody small who shall not be named (lest the house knitter become vexed and then need to soothe herself with more yarn...  mmmm..  more yarn) apparently ran around the house while I was resting taking photos of feet, flooring, and other items of 4 year old interest.  Killed my battery, whomever that was.

Anyway, I hope today treated you well.  I'm off to put He Who Shall Not Be Named to bed.  Little stinker.

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