Monday, February 7, 2011

things that come or go in boxes

Last week, while life was blowing up completely, my husband brought me home a box that looks like this:
Yep, I am a woman who is well loved.  Anyone who lives local enough to know these folks know that anything that comes in one of these boxes will be decadent, sweet, and tasty enough to make the things that make it decadent and sweet worth eating all at once.

This is what he got me:
pure love, in cheese and cake and sweet form
So pretty.  So yummy.  Even the little guy tried a little, which is something he wouldn't usually do.  Caramel cheesecake.  A little bit of love in food form, for sure.

Then, today, I got a brown paper box from Japan.  Inside it is something for the little man.  To wit, these:
These are from one of the greatest movies ever created for little kids.  My little dude loves this movie, and he sings along with the songs.  It's so cute that when I got a notification that Totoro figurines were for sale again, I couldn't resist them.  I considered the squishable, huggable, lovable ones that were stuffed-huggies.  They were 78 USD plus shipping.  I considered them very seriously, and then watched how the little dude plays with his things.  I got these instead.  They are fuzzy, and fit in the palm of an adult hand.  They are basically action figures, and I know he'll love them when he gets home.  Much more reasonably priced, and they'll fit into his play-style.  I am bouncing in glee waiting to see how he reacts.

In terms of things that are going in boxes, I just finished packing this:
guilt yarn, keeps leaping out at me
A wonderful and fantastic person is about to get a box o yarn.  You know who you are, and thank you so much for accepting charge of it.  I am hoping there will be glee when this gets there too.

Finally, on my parade of things to do, I have these to block.

to be blocked, and ends to be woven in
Yeah, one of those needs a final row knit on it, but it'll be joining the blocking party in another few hours.  Woohoo, block party at my house?

Anyway, that's where I'm at for the moment. 


  1. Oh my... calories in, yarn out!

    Those toys are cute. I love anime, whatever age range it's aimed at.

    I know the lucky recipient of that gorgeous yarn will be very pleased and grateful. Did you happen to slip a little cheesecake in with it?

    Hope your arm is over the tinglies and getting its strength back.

  2. Wow..!! What a beautiful box of yarn..lucky person..! did the blocking go..?