Monday, January 2, 2012

After Long Silence

Wow, it's been a while.  Not intentionally, but so it goes.

A lot of things have happened, including this

And this:

And now this:

I've had a ton of secret projects, which didn't lend themselves to blogging.  It's hard to keep a secret if pictures of it are out and about.

I'm also being moved in my day-job.  I don't know where, when, who I'll be working for, or what technologies I'll be working with.  Limbo, you've never been so aggravating.

On the fun knitting front, I'm actually teaching a class on top-down triangle shawls.  It starts Jan 7, and I'm really excited and a little terrified.  I shouldn't be, the folks who have signed up are part of Wednesday Knit Night.  This is a huge plus, because the folks there are not only not scarey, but are genuinely nice people who know I'm a little quirky and are not bothered by it.  It looks like I will also be doing the lace sampler class right afterward on those weekends.  I'm excited and attempting to knit a couple of the one that's planned this week prior to the class.  Not a huge deal, as they're less than 400 yards.

Finally, on the knitting front there's a possibility I may be doing a knit for a local yarn-artist.  I'll be really excited if that works out, it's fun to help people showcase their talents by applying a little bit of my time.

With the new year, and being in charge of more of my time I'm planning to update this more often.  Well, that actually shouldn't take much (so so embarrassed)...  it really wasn't my intent to wander off.  I missed a few days, things got crazy, and then I started avoiding the computer.  It was the hungry (and mad) white elephant sitting in a corner of my desk.  I've discovered that I can still procrastinate, even on things I do want to do.  I'm not proud, but I have this new calendar, and I am actually taking lunch at work now.  My #1 goal this year is to keep up with my blog even when things get crazy.  Once a week is my minimum goal, and I think just like exercise it will become second nature again after I've got my toes back in the water. 

2012, the year of hope (and secret projects)


  1. Glad to see you back in the "blogging" world. WHAT is the lovely cable-y Aran-y knitting?

  2. I've always loved the photos of Young Sir wearing your knits. Now I can look forward to you wearing his! Happy New Year!