Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Wednesday

Wow, Wednesday already.

Saturday was my class, and it went very well.  All of the students made significant progress, and they are beginning to see the logic in the charts.  I got another secret project of which I cannot speak.  But there will be repair work in my future.

Sunday I spent with my brother.  We talked about all kinds of things, and just caught up.  It was good, but no knitting was done.

Monday, I worked and knit 4 more blocks in the Aran Afghan project.  Discovered that the pattern is 24 blocks and not 20.  It makes a difference.

Yesterday, I got reassigned at work.  No idea what this is going to turn into but at least the waiting is over.  And at least I'm still employed.

Tonight is knit night again, and I will be working with any of my students that turn up.  I might even work on some of my own knitting... but we'll see.

Tomorrow?  Hopefully pictures and a little more time.

happy knitting!

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