Tuesday, January 31, 2012

where has all the elegance gone?

Ok, maybe I'm just in a horrible mood because I'm stuck training on a product that does the exact same thing as the previous product I supported... only with more overhead and less elegance and more bugs...

but today's Aran block is just really reaching me.

I am not the biggest fan of bobbles, since mostly I find them to be overdone.  When it looks like the block needs billy banding prior to going out in public, it's a bit off-putting.

This block uses overly complicated cabling (4/3/4) and aggressively ugly bobbles to ... use more yarn than all the previous blocks and still look unappealing.  So far, I've shown 4 people this block and gotten the same "yuck" response.  A couple of them asked me if I was sure I was up to doing cables, since these look so overdone and unprofessional.  I showed them the picture of the original block, and they agreed that this knitting 100% matches the designer's block.


Elegance.  It works in knitting, it works in software.  


  1. Picture ! I demand a Picture ! :-D

  2. Glad to see you're back, just catching up on your blog posts. I vote to NOT show a picture. If it's that ugly, let's just let it fade away from memory. Rip, reuse the yarn.

  3. Everytime I upgrade my Anti-virus software and it uses "just a few more K" of resources, or the internet email interface changes and I can't access it anymore, or a program updates and there are 50 new menu choices that don't do as much as the 10 they replaced... I have the same thoughts about elegance.

    Bobbles are one of those things with which the world may already be sufficiently supplied.