Thursday, January 12, 2012

There will come a day....

when I get pictures off of my camera.  But that day is not this day.  Nor likely tomorrow, Saturday, or Sunday.  Fair warning.

Last night was knit night.  Two of my students came in to go over their work, which was pretty exciting.  One of them had already managed a flawless row of knitting, one of them managed her first flawless row of knitting while at knit night.  It was a fabulous moment for everyone present, and we all cheered!

Good times indeed!

Today's learn to knit class was cancelled due to snow.  It was a little disappointing because helping people become beginner knitters is a good time.  But being really New England, when invited to the shop I put on my boots (and knits) and tromped over.  I had a rollicking good time touching the new yarns and just hanging out with Bruce and Margaret. 

A lot of laughing and a lot of just good chatting.  I'm going to have to make them some bread or something.  Unfortunately, my bread looks pretty questionable.  But it does taste good, and I have gotten it down so it no longer resembles the burnt offering. 

Perhaps I should stick with knitting.

Yesterday was filled with stress and craziness up until knit night started.  At that point, things just kept looking up.  So I guess my universal truth is that a room filled with people that have sticks and string is a powerful antidote to anything that ails me.  Good to know.

Happy Knitting & Stay Warm (tho knitting helps with the warmth thing)

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