Thursday, December 16, 2010

alpaca hugs and a sneeky peek

These are what I've been working on the last 10 days.

alpaca.  No replacement for loss, but good for a hug.
A second serious scarf

And a latte colored stole

I just hope they have the intended message/effect.

I've also been playing with beads.  I'm thinking of calling this twinkle twinkle

fairly representative of the correct colors, no thanks to my flash
pretty close on color, I like this shot

representative of the pattern, color not dark or bright enough.
Still fighting with my flash, but it looks like I'll win sometime soon.  I look forward to that.  I have one last secret project I need to finish knitting.  I might photograph it if I can get permission from the recipient.  I like the pattern I've come up with and would like to use it in this project.  I have to apologize in advance, this weekend will be just as light blogging as the last 10 days due to project conflicts.  But I really want running water this winter, so it needs to be finished.

Hope all is well with you!

1 comment:

  1. If everything looks this great with a wonky flash, they must be magnificent in peson. I hope the "hugs" will bring some comfort to your family members.