Monday, December 13, 2010

It is I, Captain Vegetable

Today's post is brought to you by the number 1, as in the number of flashes that are misbehaving, and the letter c, for cowls.  Since the flash is not behaving, and my photoshop skillz are nonexistant, I fear I will be providing no pictures in this post.  I took some, and they are pretty uniformly.... dark seems too light a word, black not descriptive enough of the various shades of not quite color.  I will be working on this.

This weekend was my once a month obligation, and this month it required use of a GPS to get where I was going.  I've decided to name my GPS Sadie, for I'm sure she is a sadist.  On one hand, she gleefully tells me to go on streets in Boston that likely shouldn't ever be tried by car.  On the other, I did get there and back again with most of my nerves intact.  Almost on time even.  Plus, she doesn't tend to sound worried (unlike one that I borrowed a couple of years ago) which is reassuring.

I was not able to work on the knitting for the family members, as I'm not quite smart enough to have memorized the Serious Scarf pattern, and people get really funny about it when you stare at a computer screen saying "uh-huh" and knitting feverishly.  Especially if you're supposed to be remembering things for them and storytelling.  So, that torch gets carried again today.

What I did accomplish was three cowls.  One for me, one for short-stuff, and one for the spousal unit.  Eldest Son already has his.  It was a nice reminder of how fast knitting *can* be.  Three items, knit with alpaca yarn on size 9 needles.  One day.  Viva la accomplishment.

I did finish the first of the stoles for my family, and I'm well into the second.  This weekend will see not much knitting as well, as it looks like my Dad may come over for the last assault on the porch of gusts and sighs.  (gusts of wind, and long sighs of despair... mine)  If it happens, great!  If not, I will certainly not complain.  I started the project late in the year due to earlier time and money constraints.  One way or another, getting as far as we have has been a fantastic and herculean task.  I'm just grateful to have had some expert guidance and help along the way.  Anyhoo, if I'm going to be back on task in the 10 day time frame I need to fix my @#$@ flash. 

Hope your knitting all feels like alpaca..... mmmm alpaca.

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