Monday, December 20, 2010

cold enough for bulky!

This weekend, I spent my time building instead of knitting.  Tomorrow before work I will take some pictures, and will hopefully have them posted by evening after work.  My Dad and I spent a long, cold day re-framing the short wall on the porch and putting the windows into the frames we had built previously. 

The windows look good.  But mainly, they keep wind off the back wall where the pipes are.  At least in part.  Getting the north wall in will keep wind off that wall altogether.  It was a long, cold day and I spent most of the weekend in a world of hurt.  I suspect my Dad was in just as bad shape, but he is pretty stoic.  On the way home I bought some nice black alpaca yarn to make him a cowl in. 

Friday, we've tentatively agreed to meet again for a final mutual torture session.  Ah, old houses.  So much work....

I'm blocking a third shawl for the blog which has been mentioned here, and I have a project that I'm excited to share shortly.  I'm not sure if it's an insanity or brilliance, or maybe some heady mixture of the two.  I did a beading project that was so heavy I couldn't use my hands after the last day of beading it.  The knitting was so satisfying, and the weight of the sucker is so pleasantly solid... but I didn't think out the process very well.

I'm looking forward to blogging that one, very much. 

Finally, I found that one of my favorite lace weight yarns is being discontinued.  *sob*
Sappho, I will miss you.

If you like lace weight knitting, this stuff feels like knitting velvet.  I've got a bit that I'm going to use in the project, but I can't buy all of it and hoard it like the precious lovely thing it is.  So, maybe some of you will love it the way I do.  The skeins I've gotten have all been slightly felted.  At first, I wasn't thrilled with that, but after knitting it, I love it with a dire and unnatural love.  I might toss over silk to knit this stuff.  On purpose.  So, if you like working with lace weight single spun yarns, give them a look.  It won't be around for long.

More later,

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