Wednesday, December 8, 2010

nowhere near

I can't believe it's already Wednesday.   Good thing I chose 10 days, because I think I can manage that.  I don't have photos of the finished items today.  We got a look at the weather report, and decided that we must push the rest of the porch.  I am, however focusing on the necessary things.

For instance:
Takes a surprising amount of time.
Little man wanted to do some of this:
Hmm, this looks dangerous.
Which turned into this:
no sane adult will eat these.  He's given me two. 
And this vile monstrosity, which he is determined to eat some of:
he wanted me to take this picture, he loves this house and wants me to knit it a cozy
He doesn't ask for much, and there's so much I can't give him that I will indulge him where it isn't insane.  Although my concept of insane may be a bit stranger than most.

This was the knitting I reached for when I got the news of the latest loss in the family.
Alpaca or silk are the most comforting fibres for me to knit when I'm feeling a bit off.  It looks a bunch different now, and I'm hoping to manage finished object shots soon.

In the meantime, I chose some Eco Alpaca Duo for my Aunt's hug.  The colorway was knit up in the store, and it looked like it'd be a heather in lovely chai tones.  See?

does this look like it should stripe to you?
The 4x4 sample was a solid color.  I now know that the striping effect:

Would be well camouflaged in a 4x4 square.  But it becomes obvious once you knit anything of any size.  This yarn is yummy.  It's soft and lovely.  I hope it will give my Aunt some comfort.

Mmmm Chai.
can't resist this yarn
Maybe when I'm done, I'll do some sweaters in it.  It's really nice.
I hope your knitting is warm and soft, and the pattern is fun.

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  1. I have never heard of anything as endearing as a Gingerbread House Cozy! What a marvelous mind your sweet little man has.