Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring can't be that far off

So, this is not related to knitting.  But it is related to Spring, which I've been craving like it were made of chocolate.

Today, I ran into my first skunk of the season.  She tends to hibernate under our shed, and this morning she poked herself out and trotted off.  This is not a picture of our skunk, I'm not brave enough to try a flash camera @ skunk... but it shares her markings:

Plus, it has green in the background.... it's a win-win.

Today, we're currently experiencing a small snow.  Nothing big, nothing that will accumulate.  Basically tiny specks of ice... a little harder and more slippery than snow, but not enough to be called actual ice. 

Seeing the skunk on the move again, though, lets me know that spring is waking up.

About our skunk:  I don't discourage her from camping out on our property.  Skunks are decent neighbors as long as you're a decent neighbor to them.  Occasionally, she and I will share grapes at my front steps.  She protects my rabbits from predators when they're in their outdoor hutches and in return I provide her with little bits of fruit and occasional cat food.  She is an inquisitive and intelligent animal who is content to live and let live.  I kind of like having her around.  She's a reminder that good neighbors can come where you least look for them.  Plus tiny baby skunks?  SO cute it's hard to remember they'll be stanky later.

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