Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's been a while...

So, things have been busy at 200 Shawl Central.  I've been knitting, but it's been mainly knitting infidelity.  I should be ashamed.  I really should.

Some of this is for the show that was put off at the coffee shop.  They are waiting for Old Home day since their original weekend clashed with something else that was happening in the area.  Since I've hit 18 shawlettes, 8 felted bags, and 16 market bags I'm going to walk away from the show knitting for a while.  It sounds like a lot, but I'm sure they'd like more.  I just really want to focus back on the 200.  I'm up to 20 shawls out of 200, and I need to finish blocking and take pictures of the latest and then post them.  It takes me about an hour to take the pictures, about an hour to edit them (meaning cut them down to size) and at least an hour to blog about them.  So it may be next week before I get to them :(

Here's a quick photo chain of what I've been up to shawlette and shawl-wise.

First, these:
finally blocked out

there are 2 of these, one for the blog one for the shop
silk singlespun
These are some of the blocked 'ettes that are waiting for hang-tags.

Then this:
Was knit into this:
Which needs to be blocked.  But I thought it might be nice to show what it looks like pre-blocking.

These are also entering the blocking line up

While working on writing out the pattern for Autumn Glow, I realized that I hadn't explored fully what I wanted to do with it.  So this is a test-knit blocking out

Then I started on these:
Originally, there were 4 of these... guess who absconded with one?
I started a White Rabbit (have some great chessboard fabric that will become a waistcoat, and a pocket-watch button to go with it) as a gift.  Here, I'm deciding how to put the ears on.... looks a little intimidating
look out, he's got dpn's hiding in his ears
Then, there were these:
number 2 and number 3
The original test knit was done in an alpaca boucle that I had left-over from something else... but as with much I knit someone absconded with it.
I found the shaping of the head a little off in this test knit & have since modified it.
But, really... could you resist letting him have it?
Yeah, me either.

Anyway, computer troubles have been solved and work is about to become less frenetic.  I'm dedicating one day a week to the stuffies for the next ~ 3 months.  I'm hoping to get into a more regular blogging rhythm now that life is no longer creating fireworks.

Thanks to everyone who waited me out, and all those who make it to the bottom of this long post!


  1. It's great that your knitting is getting back up to speed, and that you are getting some recognition for you wonderful work. Will you also take some critters to the show?

    I hope I'm not the only one who loves the look of unblocked lace. There's just something so cushy about it.

    If that smile is still that cute when when he starts to ask for the car keys...

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