Thursday, March 3, 2011

wait, where did Wednesday go?

Wow, this week has just zipped by.  Or maybe not, I have been kind of swamped at work (but in a productive way for a change).  I am gathering together my various lobster pots and am going into the dark and rarely trodden section of my crafting supplies to fetch out my dying stuff. 

The lobster pots were a yard-sale find and I ended up with 3 of them in decent dying sizes for $5 USD.  They were still in their plastic wrap even, so they were a good deal that has helped me out over the years.  I like to use Dharma Trading Company's dyes for both cotton/linen/rayon types and for protein based stuff like silk/wool.  It's not what I'll be using today on the cotton bags, though.  I have some RIT left over from a fund-raising project, so I'm going to use that up since it's already paid for.

Yeah, not the most exciting combo but it does an acceptable job on cottons.... where I should theoretically be focusing. 

Not sure how much dying will be accomplished today, but I'm going to take a solid stab at it.

I have these waiting in the wings for acid dying:

From right to left, single spun tussah, fingering weight wool, mid-weight alpaca/silk lace, and light-weight lambswool lace. 

I'm looking for a particular tint and haven't been able to find it for sale.  I figure since I know what I want I should take a stab at creating it.  Anyhoo, if you see someone who has dye marks that end at suspicious glove demarcation lines... just pretend I'm not as crazy as I suspect this makes me.

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