Tuesday, March 1, 2011

so wow....

Deadline knitting.  Not as much fun as it sounds...  well not if it is all one color like this:

12 bags, one week.  tired knitter
 On the other ... hand...  ugh punnery...  anyway, my hand is doing much better.  I tend to be both a "shover" and a "poker" when moving around yarn this heavy.  Worsted weight or heavier, and I end up with bruises on my fingers from putting the needle tip on one of them to move the fabric. 

hard to take pictures of your right hand with your left hand....
So, yeah, to crank those out, I have been wearing bandaids on my thumb and finger to protect them from relentless poking.  It looks darn shabby, but works pretty well.

Aaaand I have 12 more of those suckers to knit... but I've scheduled Thursday as dip-dye day.  So, I'm looking forward to dying those suckers something other than bleached white.  Yay color!


  1. I love dying yarn, but I've not dyed a finished object. In fact, it's been almost 10 years since I've dyed anything but yarn. What types of dyes do you use?

  2. Are these the cotton bags you are going to dye? I am curious what they are for - and cant wai to see the finished product! As well as the yarns too of course!