Tuesday, August 2, 2011

bad battery h-e-double hockey sticks

Ok, so here I am again.  I have not been posting because I don't want to put up *another* pictureless post when I've been doing photo-worthy stuff.  Even if it's not knitting, it's been photo-worthy stuff.  So, I am attempting to take pictures and I get low battery warning.

Three days later, the battery still hasn't finished charging?  In fact hasn't gotten more charge at all? 

Time for a new battery.  Tonight?  Tomorrow night?  Soon, my precious, soon...

In this next 15 short days, I'm feverishly preparing for our one year celebration.  This has been a wild ride so far, and I want to do something special to mark it.  I'm not a great blogger or a great mind, but this has been very rewarding.  Not even counting just being able to put things out there knowing that "this is what I did" and this is how I was feeling, I got to meet a bunch of really fantastic people in the past year directly because of this blog.  I never thought it would happen, and it's totally worth celebrating.

I'd love to give you sneaky-peeks on the stuff that is debuting on the 17th, and am frustrated that my technology turns itself into a brick around me.  On the other hand... if I can't be online or playing with the camera... I do have a lot of knitting time left over.

Speaking of which;  in the middle of this unholy heat we lost power for a few hours.  The guy from the electric company who was running around trying to figure out how far down the line the outage went actually stopped to stare at me for a few minutes while I knit on the front porch.  I heard him telling the guys on the radio "I think the locals are starting to get heat stroke, there's some weird stuff going on" as he pulled away.  I guess my laughter (maniacal, with tears streaming down my face) didn't help.  But seriously dude, it's linen.  I'm not as crazy as you think.... and what do you think the folks down the street were doing that he got really weird-ed out by knitting?  The world may never know.


  1. I have to disagree - you are a great blogger, and a great mind. Pics are just the icing, you and your blog are the steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms, baked potato with grated swiss cheese, bacon bits, sour cream and chives, garden salad with raspberry vinegarette, and of course, the cupcake.

  2. Maybe the electric company guy thought you were going to lasso him and tie him up! Keep up the great blogging.