Monday, August 22, 2011

onna needles

Hello, hello, hello!
I thought today I'd share the direction that knitting has gone the last few weeks.  Cables + holes= texture galore!

I actually have 2 of these on the needles but wanted to show the color of this one.  Sadly, my camera is showing the color it wants to show instead of the accurate color.  This is Berroco's Ultra Alpaca in color 6285, and is actually almost teal in person in certain light.  Or green in others, or even a gorgeous dark blue in others.  This particular knit is not for the blog, but it's farther along than the one that IS for the blog so I thought I'd pop it out there.

I'm thinking about stuff for winter.  This winter while my arm was immobile, I wrote up a number of long stoles/shawls for really cold weather.  I craved texture, and I wrote it wishing I could knit it.  August is not a great time to be knitting heavy stuff, but the texture in the knit and the gorgeous feel of the alpaca/wool combination are something I know I'll be wanting to wear very soon.

I'm really interested in the answers to the Anniversary post!  It's interesting to see how many different styles people enjoy, and to see that (although there are some favorites) it still comes down to a love of knitting in any form.  The joy of creation, in a nutshell.

I'm looking forward to the 27th, and am also looking forward to a few more sneaky-peeks over the next week until the first 2 patterns of this 2nd year will be finished, blocked, and revealed.

Happy knitting all!!

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  1. Oh that's beautiful! I knit a small "swirl-y" shawl out of that alpaca and it's soooo nice. I like to walk by and pat it since it's just too warm to wear it. I love the texture.