Wednesday, August 24, 2011

holy broken ball winder batman

I have made a discovery.  

The last thing any knitter wants to hear while in the middle of a 2500 meter aran-weight winding marathon is "crack."

The second to last thing said knitter wants to hear is the sound of the weighty ball-winder going "thock" into their unsuspecting and unprotected foot.

Me & my foot are going to buy a new ball-winder... so if you see a harried, limping, slightly fuzzy knitter mumbling under her breath.... just look the other way lest you be dragged back to her lair to wind the 'stinking yarn what did me in.'

best love,
crazed knitter


  1. Oh no! Good luck with finding a new ball-winder, and hopefully you'll have a quick foot-recovery. (At least it wasn't your hand!)

  2. Knit picks have a lovely ball winder and swifts too!, love mine.

  3. There's something about you and extremities...
    just don't get along so well. Hope it's not too severe.