Thursday, August 26, 2010

day the second, round 2 (fight fight fight)

Ok, so maybe it wasn't that exciting.

Last night, we made a wonderful chicken something or other in tomato sauce.  So tasty, so succulent....

Yep, up most of the night with insano, will-to-live-draining acid reflux.  Shoot.  Guess me & tomatoes will have to remain frenemies.  Tastes so good.... hurts so bad...

So, in an effort to keep myself occupied after the tomatoes decided to digest me back, I got another repeat knit on the shawl.  I did take a picture of it but realized shawlzilla looks about the same as it did in yesterday's picture.  And 100 pictures of a puddle of lace knitting is not very exciting. 

When you knit a piece of clothing, it generally looks like something before blocking.  Blocking brings out the sweet side of whatever you knit.  But for lace, it's an absolute necessity.  The universal truth is that lace knitting looks like crud until it's blocked.  Blocking is when the miracles happen.  Until that point, lace knitting looks like a strange hobby for the deranged... on a good day... with other people who have knit lace looking at it and saying things like "that might not be so bad once you block it."

But I digress.

Last night got me to thinking about what this shawl reminds me of.  The pattern in this color make me think of globe thistles.

So, I'm thinking this will be the Echinops Shawl.  The pattern of the flower head is not 100% like the globe thistle, but the way it's sort of a boxy ball shape, the color variations in the yarn,  and the leaves travelling down the stem all make me think of this flower.

I'm still working out the edging.  I've thought maybe I'll use the beech leaf edging around the outside edge to suggest hosta and garden trellis.  I've also thought about using oak leaf edging (which doesn't look a thing like oak leaves to me, but so it goes).  I would love to come up with an edging I can knit out straight from the body of the shawl, but haven't come  up with something I like enough yet.

Next post, about the yarn.

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