Monday, August 23, 2010

It begins!

So here we are back to the blog. This weekend, we spent 26 hours packing and moving my in-laws stuff. My brother, his girlfriend, my husband, my oldest son, and myself were all there working on it.

We had anticipated that they wouldn't be able to afford moving boxes, so in June we purchased and dropped off packing boxes at their place so they could pack up and get ready until we knew the exact date when they could move (due to mother in law going through bankruptcy). We knew their lease was up August 30, so whenever we got the go ahead we'd have to move fast.

They had not packed anything when we arrived. We packed up the entire downstairs. From this 600 square foot apartment the downstairs, not including the kitchen, filled a 14 foot moving truck. We looked at each other, and then went upstairs. Mollye had not packed anything, and we could not enter the room because the room was literally stacked from top to bottom with random unidentifiable things.

I made the suggestion that, since there was no way to bend space and time and fit any more in the truck and we'd have to make a second 200 mile round trip on Sunday, Mollye stay that last night and pack the kitchen as well as sorting, tossing, and packing the things in her room.

We drove the 2 1/2 hours home, unpacked and arranged and got Ann settled in and able to relax.

There was no way Ann was going to be able to pack or unpack. Between her other medical conditions and the arthritis, we were lucky she was okay enough to get home and in place.

Then, we fell into bed and prepared to do battle with Mollye's stuff the next day.

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