Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our first pick

My husband ended up being the one to choose the first skein to be made into shawl 1 of our 200 shawl march.

My husband likes jewel tones, so I was a bit surprised that he chose this one. But here is the skein he chose for me to work with.

With flash turned on it looks something like this:
of course, this shows the beauty of the purple, but not that it's more of a heather color. So it photographed darker than it is in real life (at least on my monitor).

So, I chose a pattern to knit, and started. Here's today's progress:

Photographed from the purl side instead of the knit side, because I'm tired and didn't notice until I was resizing them. (Photos will be resized, but until I get more time and/or more saavy no color correcting or editing is done otherwise.)

I decided to begin with triangle shape, because I find it a pleasing shape to knit and flattering to wear. I chose the frost flowers pattern from Barbra Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and will work out an edging as I get closer to finished.

On the pattern: it is a bit fiddly because it's got patterning on both the "outside" and the "inside." But once you've knit a repeat or two, it becomes pretty intuitive. Basic pattern documented online on this wonderful site, book available either at a local yarn shop like this one or this one, or available online from places like this or like this. That second online one is totally worth the visit as long as you don't mind drooling.

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