Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who are the players

A little background on who we are. My husband and I bought a house a little over 5 years ago. This house was built in 1852, and many of the features were (are) authentic 1852.

In the intervening 5 years, we've upgraded the roof to one without holes and replaced all the plumbing as it blew up (early, often, and expensive). We have also had a younger son who is now the ripe old age of 4. Our oldest just turned 17. We have new grey hairs lovingly named after each of them.

In addition, this year we are gaining 2 new members to our household. My husband's 73 year old mother, and her 62 year old baby sister. My mother in law is retired, and living on a pension from her late husband which will cover her expensive medication but does not leave enough for her to pay rent. She has fibromyalgia, lupis, and a few other difficult medical conditions. Due to being on prednisone for the last ~30 years, her kidneys are destroying her red blood cells. She needs assistance, and her moving in is how we can help take care of her.

My husband's aunt was laid off and has been working part-time since then, as it's the only work she has been able to get. She cannot afford to have her own apartment, as her income is always under 500 a month. She has diabetes and also requires medication.

Neither of these ladies can handle much in the way of stairs at this point, so we have moved our family into the 2nd story of our home and are giving them the downstairs to live in. This is a tight fit but we're family.

Next post, what is the 200 shawl project and what does it have to do with these people?

Edited to add:
My inlaws made it 10 days.  We've since been told by my sister-in-law that this is typical of her mother's behavior.  Although I did kind of have that figured out, as this is the second time she's done this exact thing to us (long story, only her stuff moved in the first time).  Between our families we've spent almost 15K between us in the last 5 years trying to help Ann out. 

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