Friday, January 7, 2011

Not so much knitting related, about trials and tribulations (real or imagined)

So, for those who are following along, broken wrist + zipper = unintentional hilarity trying to wear conventional pants..  Cast + shower = will freeze if you go outside before it dries.  Drying time = recommended 5 hour minimum. 

I will be able to take a shower sometime after jellybean goes to bed tonight;  as I'm the one who marches him to and from school on Fridays I must wait to shower until I know I won't end up accidentally giving myself frostbite by needing to go outside.

Today, I had the distinct ... experience ... of finding out that the cast will freeze and radiate cold even when not wet.  If it were possible to take it this early in the day, I'd be taking a ball-peen hammer to the Vicodin bottle right now (yep, can't get it open by myself).  Oh yeah, it's not possible to operate a zipper, so I was stuck wearing jammy pants to and from the walk to my son's school.  Plus, since that zipper thing goes on a lot of things, I got the joy of an unzipped coat too.  The frostbite possibility made me thrilled to be a knitter, so I could at least hide my unwashed hair in a pretty hat.

Ah humiliation and discomfort, without you how would I know when I have it good?

I share an office with my husband on the off days when he doesn't use his library as a mobile office.  He assured me yesterday that he would clean off the couch in the office for the bean to stay on and we'd work in the same room to lighten the load on watching the beast while I work.... yes ME, while on con-calls.  Not so much him.  No ability to multi-task.  Sometimes it gets real hairy, and with the single hand it's even uglier for me.

So, after cleaning off the couch one-handed (broken wrist, still there) by myself, and setting boy up with craft stuff and a book and a game (also by myself... also in the room..... yep, by myself) I may have lost it.  A little.

marking territory, or kicking sand?  my husband's space repurposed
That photo is of my husband's former space.  It has officially and crankily been annexed to my hoarde of yarn warriors.  Unfortunately, if he wants the space back I'll be stuck rearranging (one handed, by myself...) as he cannot be trusted to treat fiber with the love it needs.  But for now, it's behind me.  A bright and cheerfully colored tower of knitterly power.

For the record, I never did get any minions to type for me.  All of these slow, little entries are by me.  Not that my Mom wasn't willing, but she did things like dishes(!!!!) which I'm VERY grateful for.  Plus, she lives an hour away and is a teacher.  Woman works hard (grotesque hours, the good ones do), and although she's the reliable one I cannot and will not ask that of her.  So, knitterly powers activate!  Form of: one handed typing!

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  1. You get more done with one hand than the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches, and their thousands of assistant ne'er-do-wells combined. And with far fewer free trips abroad on the taxpayer's tab I'm guessin'. Glad to see your fighting spirit and sense of humor are hanging in there.