Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shawl 12, Morning Mist

Ah, a non-blogged project.  I should be deeply ashamed, but it was made with Handmaiden's Double SeaSilk in Salt Spray.  I love dk-weight shawls, and these colors are so pretty that I can't castigate myself too much for being enraptured with the knitting instead of the picture taking.  Bad blogger, you're stuck with only light knitting for 6 weeks more.  That'll learn ya.

blue, green, silver leaves over cream and white
my favorite picture:  shows the drape well
a detail shot on green (I don't have a lot of black)
detail shot showing tail construction, and the beautiful variegation
I think Handmaiden is incapable of putting out a bad product.  And I seem to have a weakness for her stunning colorways.  The Autumn Glow version of this shawl was purchased and gifted recently;  I hope that the recipient loves it as much as I loved knitting it.  This cool color shawl would be equally stunning on white, black, blues....  the subtle twists of color combined with the gorgeous silk sheen make this one of my top 3 favorite finished objects from this project.

The name for this shawl was inspired by an early morning drive I took while knitting it.  The colors of the frost, the cool pale sky, and the frozen lichen on the trees glimmering in the weak sunlight;  the mystery and beauty of the morning... they all seemed perfect for each other.

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