Saturday, January 22, 2011

squeeeee, thank you!!

Look at what came in the mail today!!

sweet surprise!
Aren't they cute??

Look, there's a little box with note cards
so cute!
and a project bag
can never have enough project bags
This was a totally unexpected surprise, and it really brightened my week.  I've been having trouble with the cast, it's been making my thumb numb when I try to use the hand.  So this package really gave me something fun to be excited about.

The package came from Graywolfie, who has a definite eye for the cheerful.  Thank you so much for the presents, they totally made my day!  I might have already started using them... ;-)

perfect traveling size!
I'm going to go play with them now.  Thank you again!

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  1. are welcome..! Glad you like it..
    I was wondering when you will receive them..haha..!