Monday, January 10, 2011

When you win, so do I!

Okay, so first I want to thank everyone who left a comment about their favorite way to beat the winter blues!  I read every comment & thought the range of things we do was just amazing and occasionally truly inspired.

I also want to thank the fine people at Ravelry and Wiknit for making it possible for this little contest to get so many great entries!

Here's what everyone's been waiting for:

Our first winner!
The great random voice said that Skaro964 is our first winner.  Here's the comment that won:
hot cocoa definitely doesn't hurt :)
You get the Ella Rae!  And I'll send as well my recipe for a shorty cowl, which takes one ball of this for an adult, feel free to ignore it or use it.


Our second winner is:
Entry 61!
This entry is by Affiknitty, and here's the comment
Planning a spring garden sounds really good.
You get the Cascade 220 handpaints.  And I'm tossing in a set of felted bag patterns which would be lovely in these colors.  Again, they are for fun and are not mandatory.

Congrats to you too!

Our third winner was also randomly generated

Comment 26!
Comment 26 is by Knittingdancer from Ravelry.  Here's the winning comment:
Bright colors work well for me too :)
You win the skein of scarlet fleece sock yarn!  I'll also be sending a recipe for a great winter scarf.  Ignore, use, trade, or trash as it amuses you.

cool colors

Thanks again to everyone who entered!  As I get my stash organized I'll likely be doing more giveaways.  I know I have yarn that I love but will never reach for because it's a color I like to look at but maybe not so much work with...  and it all deserves a place where someone will love it AND use it.  I'll also be doing a giveaway after the NH Sheep and Wool Festival in May.  We have a lot of great folk in fiber here, and I will be sharing the love.

Emails will go out shortly to our winners (typing takes me a little right now), and the packages will be on their way!

Thanks to all the folks who wished me a speedy recovery on the broken wrist!  I appreciate it so much!

@Sara  That version of Kisses Sweeter than Wine is one that my husband introduced me to.  We both loved the song, but he found it on a CD that was a tribute to Pete Seeger.  Lots of great artists on it.  I'm really glad you like it!

So, for the moment, that's all she's got to write.  Thanks to everyone, and everyone who made it to the bottom of the post!

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  1. Thank you so much. I love blues and purples. The sock yarn is perfect.