Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday morning drive-by

Monday, I got all of the prizes packed and labeled.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would, and I'm very grateful that the broken wrist wasn't something more serious or debilitating.  I am very grateful for the mobility I do still have.

Yesterday, as I loaded the bean's little red wagon to walk the packages to the post office (during my lunch break from work), my phone rang.  It was my largest client with a serious issue.  I did not make it to the post office, and it was an 11 hour work day with no breaks.  Given that this job allows me to work from home, I'll take the occasional tough days.  The 11-16 hour days only happen every few weeks.

Today, there is at least 8 inches of snow and falling.  I resume con-calls at noon, although today I should be able to sneak out for 1/2 hour and get the stuff mailed off.  If I take the all terrain red wagon (purchased to drag 2 year old through blueberry picking hills), and use a hand-warmer pack in my sling I should make it ok.  Just need to call the post office and make sure someone is there before I leave.

Here's hoping this blustery day brings you warm drinks and knitting joy!

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