Thursday, September 2, 2010

And sometimes it hands you lemons

It's hard not to think that I'm the most vile person ever.  I mean I hardly interacted with them, and when I did it was to help or take them someplace.  And yet.

Long story short, the ladies have decided to move to Cape Cod because they believe rent will be cheap there.  Or so they say.  I'm surprised and pleased they found something for less than the nothing we charge them.

They honestly believe that Ann will not have any more medical issues.  The 2 hospital stays in less than a year that happened ... well, 6 months ago... that forced her into bankruptcy are a fluke. 

I can't help but worry.  But they are adults.  And so they must do what they will.

So, now I'm forced to wonder "What the heck do I do now?"

The point of this blog/project was to make their lives easier while making something beautiful.  I can't use this to underwrite them.  If they want to stand on their own, I have to let them.  So what do I do now?

The house still needs upgrades, but we're not elderly and can live with things the way they are.  On the other hand, our oldest son will be going to college next year.  200 shawls wouldn't be enough to upgrade college to something fancy, but it might be good to help out. 

I just don't know.  I'm kind of at a loss.

In the meantime, well I knit of course.  I had 2 shawls off the needles, it was time to do something new.

I was craving something alive, so I picked out this:

Those are some of the skeins of yarn I got from the Woolery last weekend.
This is an interesting yarn.  It's 85% cotton, and 15% silk.  It reminds me of knitting lettuce.  It's very satisfying through the fingers.  I think it inhereted the best qualities of both materials.

You can probably see that I've been writing my own charts out on graph paper.  So above you see all of the important tools in determining how things will work out.

And here's how it's going:

Not a great photo, but a very satisfying knit.  Again, still working out edging.  Might be an ongoing theme for me, we'll see.  Thank goodness for knitting.  Regardless of what happens, it's always exactly what it is.

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