Tuesday, September 21, 2010

progess on free pattern shawl

Just a quickie post today.  Here's the progress on the Lyndon Hill fern lace shawl:
five pattern repeats, fingering weight cotton & silk
And here's the Malabrigo Silky Merino progress:
five pattern repeats, dk weight wool & silk

So you can see the difference 5 repeats makes in dk vs 5 repeats in fingering, here's a comparison shot:
cute, aren't they?
The size difference starts to become noticible around this size:  you can see that the dk is slightly bigger than the fingering.

In other news, this:
Ok, he's cute too.  Those are MY work gloves he's wearing.
Happened today.  Bricks are moving to the back of the house.

One more for posterity
My men, hauling bricks!  Cute!
One of these weeks, I'll be putting in a brick patio.  I suspect it will interfere with knitting somewhat, but I'll keep the blog posted.

I'll have a better update tomorrow, and am hoping to find an update schedule that works for me but doesn't lose track of the progress I'm making.  Also on the plate for the blog are yarn reviews, more finished work, and possibly the addition of a shopping cart.  But that last one depends on me reading up on it, so we'll see on that.


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