Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sneaky shawl plus a peek

Ok, bad blogger.  I kind of knit a whole shawl with almost no blogging about it.  This was my relaxation knit.  I picked a lucious cranberry alpaca-silk blend and went to town.  All of the unhappiness that I had packed into the (now frogged) previous shawl was washed away from the joy of this one.

And so I christen this cranberry colored ball o' soft Joie.

again, just picture my flash behaving.  really this is cranberry 
As with all previous posts, you can click on the pictures to make them larger.  But as with previous un-blocked items, this will continue to look like a loopy, droopy, pile of fibre until the magic happens. 

And don't tell anyone, but I might be thinking of where I'm going next.  Shhhh.... just between you & me, it might be something like this:

beebo (bellybutton) of doom!
Hey, someone moved from straights to circulars already.  Hmmm, it might have ideas.

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