Monday, September 27, 2010

so no $h1t & there I was

Once upon a time, I knew a guy who started all of his stories with the title of this post.  So I share with you.

While I'm doing the crazy blocking, I am also doing the knitting.  I liked the vines and leaves shawl and the autumn glow shawl so much that I decided to do sister shawls in rectangle.  Here's how they are coming along:

Different Greens!
The one that I started with is the autumn glow sister wrap.  Since Autumn Glow was done in a sexy variegated yarn, I chose a single color yarn in a muted green.  It has cashmere in it, so it is looooovely to knit.

so so soft
For the vines and leaves sister wrap, which was knit in a plain color silk and cotton, I chose a lovely variegated yarn.  It is merino, kid mohair and nylon.  I don't enjoy working with yarns with nylon in them.  This one is no exception.  I find them to be less soft than a plain merino, and feel a little wirey to work with.  On the other hand, one of my favorite personal shawls is knit from a zauberball yarn which has nylon in it, and the color depth and the resiliance of the yarn makes it great for my lifestyle.  I think once knitting is finished, this will be a lovely favorite too.

Up close:

I can't wait to get more than 3 inches knit on this, it's even more beautiful in person than this photo captures.  These are both a simple knit.  I'm considering putting out patterns from the 200 shawl project if people like the shawls that are knit.  But, I still have a ton of work on the part of the project that I already committed to.  I have signed up for an account through artfire so I can put up the finished shawls for sale and just need to get some really good shots and get them up.

I guess we'll see how it goes!

But it's all for these guys, so I will get it done!
My sons.  Love!

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