Friday, September 10, 2010

lalala I can't hear you

So, the folks who have seen the completed shawlette prior to blocking have all been excited and sure that it would fit within the parameters of my shawl sizes once finished.

I, of course, knew better.  It was made from a single skein of handmaiden camelspin in madder.  Camelspin comes in 300 Meter put-ups, and 300 Meters is a good size, but not huge.  I mean, the thistle shawl took just under 900 Meters to get to the size it is.

Speaking of which, I measured the relaxed-after-blocking thistle shawl and it's.. um.. huge.  70 inches from tip to tip across the top and 40 inches down the center.  I'm 5ft 4in tall, and when I hold it up, the top of the triangle is almost shoulder level with the tip being precariously close to the floor.  And it has room to grow, as it wasn't a severe blocking job.  I just ran out of space to comfortably block on my son's king sized bed.

But I digress.

The true point of this is I just measured the blocking 'shawlette.'  I may have to upgrade the sucker to a shawl after all.  Fleece Artist:  packing magic in every skein.

The shawl is actually straight , the bed is crooked (I use a yardstick)

And another for gratuitous foliage because I can.

it's the most wonderful time of the year.

Next post, who's on first.

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