Thursday, September 9, 2010

No plan survives contact with the enemy

Guess what I had planned for today?
the important ingredients

The plan was put these things together, add pins, let dry.  Short, sweet, simple.

What actually happened was this.
7:00AM:  Collect things together, take picture.  Feel pretty good about things.

7:05AM:  Add 1 tsp soak to bowl, add water.

7:10AM:  Add finished shawl to soak water, let soak.

So far so good!

7:15-7:45AM:  Realize that lunchboxes are empty and leaving for school looms.  Run around like chicken with head cut off.

7:45-8:00AM:  Make coffee, drink coffee.

8:15AM:  Launch smallest son at school.  Giggle.

8:30AM:  Remove shawl from water.  Sigh at amount of extra dye running out in water.  Begin gently rinsing shawl so water runs clear (as I prefer when the dye doesn't ruin my towels).

9:00AM:  Put clean sheets on big son's bed.  Decide to use his bed for blocking.

9:30AM:  Realize that ALL t-pins are missing.  Use bad words.

9:35AM:  Tear house apart looking for t-pins.  They are obvious, how do they go missing??

9:50AM:  Rip apart couch, remembering that smallest son was excavating in it the night before.

9:51AM:  Find Alice Starmore's Fair Isle Knitting book.  Rejoice briefly.  Find a SINGLE t-pin.  Contemplate what constitutes justifiable homicide.

10:00AM:  Shawl is drying rapidly.  Discover 1/2 box of t-pins hidden in the bathroom cabinet.  No idea how they got there.  Realize that this is not enough t-pins to do the shawl by themselves.

10:10AM:  Find and bust out blocking wires.  Crawl over bed using blocking wires and t-pins to pin out shawl into crecent shape.

10:25AM:  Confirm measurements with yardstick.  Feel pleased.

10:30AM:  Realize that I had been planning on documenting the process.  Sadly contemplate undoing all of this and doing it again for camera.

10:35AM:  Decide not to be completely insane.  Take bad photo of shawl blocking on bed, realize that I rucked up the new sheet by crawling on it.  Decide not to care.

Soon, my precious.

10:45AM:  Post.

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