Friday, September 10, 2010

remember me?

So, um, remember this?

blast from the past
I know I was expecting to be finished with it by now.

But the more I looked at it, the more I could see where I was unhappy when knitting it.  The more tense I got, the more tension changes there were in my knitting (funny how that works).  The project just kind of felt sad, and the knitting wasn't up to the standard I work to.

So, it's gone off to the frog pond.  I still like the pattern, I still like the yarn, and I still like the combination together.  So I'm going to start over with same and same, and make this something that I can be proud of.  But if this poor thing were a cake, it would be inedible in it's current incarnation.

So shawl 2(3?) is now shawl 3(4?).  Yep, I'm a little confused too.

Being a bad blogger, I've of course started something new and not shared.  Hahaha!  Ahem.

Another little gem from the Woolery, this is alpaca and silk.  Yummy!  Unlike the other shawls, I haven't so much been planning as knitting to feel the joy of knitting.  I, of course, went with triangle.  I'll have to shake things up with a rectangle soon.

Anyway, here's the current baby in its infancy:
pretend the camera captured cranberry color.... I am 

And finally, guess what I found in smallest son's toybox?

Yep, 6 boxes of t-pins.

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