Tuesday, September 14, 2010

unexpected shawl 2, autumn glow, finished!

And to top that one off, this one is done as well.

haha, you can see my foot in the pellet stove reflection
Love love love autumn colors.
I barely managed to beat the leaves going full on with this one.  A few more cold nights, and the trees will mirror the shawl well.

need a better photographer:  I'm standing crooked
Not to pat myself on the back, but I put this on my dress form and kept sighing because I love it.  The combination of 70% silk 30% camel is just so lucious, and the colors just glow.

showing the drape, and on my monitor this is color correct
This last shot I somehow managed to turn my flipping flash off, and the colors are more accurate.  They're more rich than riotous, and the finished fabric has a gorgeous hand.

This one, I've made the repair kit and just need to put together the care kit portion.

Otherwise, these babies are just about ready to find loving homes.

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