Tuesday, September 14, 2010

globe thistle (echinops) shawl, finished!

So here it is! 
on drying rack, notice natural sunlight... ooo

At 70 inches from curved tip to curved tip, and 40 inches down the center spine this shawl was knit from just under 900 meters of single spun, tonal variegated yarn in one continuous thread from beginning to end.

possibly the worst picture, backlit by natural light
I heart it.  Seriously.  I loved every moment of knitting this shawl, and every moment of blocking it.  I continue to love it.  Considering that it took almost 50 hours to knit, my loving it is a good thing. 

mmm natural light... and reflections of my furniture

I'm not a great photographer, but I think the pictures are an accurate representation of the size and shape of the finished shawl.

and the all important back shot!
Now, I think I just need to find a model and finish putting together the repair and care kit to go with it.

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