Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Quickie

Tally Ho!  This will be a picture-less post, as my husband is working and I have the day off.... as does our littlest, who wants 100% mama-time (now, darn it!).

You all need to know that Deb is having her Anniversary Sale today and tomorrow.  All yarn and books are 15% off.  I might have accidentally showed up there at opening time to get a copy of Margaret Stove's new book (and a bit of yarn that accidentally threw itself at me.  Don't look for Plymouth Dye For Me, I might have cleaned her out). 

The boy  may have repaid me by vomiting the entire hour and 15 minute drive back home, so if my nerves seem a bit shot that could be a contributing factor.  Luckily, I travel with plastic bags, a plastic basin, bottled water, and towels.  The yarn was safely and lovingly packed in the back where no harm or stink could come to it, and the car, myself, and the boy all got home clean.

I'm going to go entertain captain upchuck.  Hope your weekend goes better than mine has started :)

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