Wednesday, November 3, 2010

not dead yet

Work and around the house chores kind of swallowed me for a while, but I'm ekeing my way back to the top and will have time for regular posting shortly.

To make up for some of it, here's some teaser shots of who's on first:

I heart this yarn.
details, details
no joke, this sucker had to be blocked diagonally on a king sized bed... it's big

And this guy, who let me know the limits of what 3 skeins of tern can do.  Not blocked, but I WILL be ordering more tern from Quince and Co.

edged with chickadee, not blocked
Anyhoo, I have planned some finished item photo shoots, 2 shawls to block, I'm in the middle of a true laceweight shawl using the pattern shown directly above, and I plan on doing a review of Quince and Co yarn, as I've finally knit more than 20 skeins of it, and have tried 3 different yarn lines.  Hopefully, things will stay quiet today and I'll get some posts up before "man night" starts.

Meanwhile, there is still time to enter our first yarn giveaway.  Please check out this post here for details.  Thank you to the lovely folks who have already entered!  Your comments and thoughts are very encouraging and are helping me to focus better.

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