Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FO, pine stole

As a memory jog, here are some posts that reference the stole I'm putting up as a finished object.  If I had more energy, I'd be ashamed that it was finished on October 8, but not FO blogged here until... well today.

This is the pine glow stole, a companion piece to the autumn glow triangle shawl.  I think I'll start with a detail shot.

as threatened, the detail shot
Here's a detail of the drape
60% alpaca, 30% merino, 10% cashmere, 800 Meters
As an alpaca yarn, it is a bit hairy.  But I think there is no nicer combination than alpaca and cashmere (unless you throw silk in.... that's always nice too).  Light, silky, warm, and soft. 

Here's how it looks in my library, as the weather and other things going on make taking pictures outside dubious at best.

back shot
And here's the drape/side shot.  I'll be posting all of these finished shawls on Artfire shortly, but I wanted to get them uploaded here first of all. 

Since this is the 5th shawl to be finished, blocked, and posted, I hereby declare it shawl number 5, the pine stole.  I did love this yarn, and the pattern is very calming to knit.  It doesn't take a bunch of brain power, and it's easy to memorize after a couple of repeats.  All in all, a fun, soft knit.

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